Fire Pictures

Below are some fire pictures of bushfires, simply click on the image for the larger image.

South West WA Back Burn

Fire fighters conducting a back burn ahead of a major bushfire.

Bushfire "crowning"

A bushfire burning through the tops of trees, this is referred to as “crowning”

A low intensity burn off.

A low intensity burn off.

Water Bomber dropping a load

A water bomber attacking a fire along a road with a low level drop.

Bushfire on road

A bushfire burning on both sides of a road, a good example of why leaving late during a bushfire can be very dangerous.

Bushfire in Jarrah Forest

A mild fire burning in a Jarrah forest.

burn off - what are bushfires

A low intensity burn off.

Grass fire

A grass fire burning.


A high intensity bushfire burning

Water Bomber Drop

A water bomber dropping a mixture of water and foam on a bushfire.

Grass fire

Spot fires burning in a grass paddock ahead of a major bushfire.